Hayden, our tour guide, is a Canadian local to the area and he showed us why these mountains were so epic. Guiding the group to the best snow/runs all these huge mountains had to offer while taking us to the best pubs/restaurants off the mountains.
 - Brian Whetton




Canadian local Hayden, knew all the best coffee spots, off track terrain and kept the tour energy pumping. If you're up for a laugh, meet a crew of new people and have fun boarding in more local Canadian terrain, this road trips for you.
- Lauren Phillips




Went on the Canada road trip 2018. Was so epic to see and snowboard this beautiful part of the world, but to also have top notch local knowledge on hand to get us to the best spots on the day, really topped it off. Hayden the local guide took us to some rad terrain, that would've taken weeks to find on our own.  Would absolutely recommend this trip to anyone wanting explore and shred some of the more epic places in Canada, while having a rad time doing it!
- Ben McMahon




By far the best part of the tour was local knowledge, our main tour guide Hayden knew exactly where to go at every mountain to find the best runs and the freshest pow even though we didn't get many dumps he always managed to find us some. His knowledge of all the towns and restaurants was also ideal, was always down for a laugh and he made us feel more like friends than just his clients.
- Trent Dick




Lead guide Hayden was a local and knew almost everything about every spot we visited. He went out of his way to add personal touches to the tour like visiting his parents farm and inviting his friends along to join in which all added up to making the tour, which can feel a bit touristy, a more personal and authentically Canadian experience. Hayden was also super accommodating and did his best to make sure each tour member could do and enjoy stuff as much as possible even when they weren't joining the main group.
- Chris Finch